Exorcism Of Cindy Sauer, Part One | Grave Talks CLASSIC

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This is a Grave Talks CLASSIC EPISODE!

Cindy Sauer Appeared to be enjoying a good life. She was married to a loving husband and was a mother to three girls. A far cry from the title of the book that would depict the following years of her life, The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer. Then things suddenly took a turn for the worst. In 2009 her husband took his own life very unexpectedly. She was overcome with grief, and as many would, she fell into a depression. It was at this time that unexplained events began occurring around her home. She’s very quickly concluded that these may be paranormal in nature, possibly even her deceased husband attempting to leave a message. This assumption very quickly changed as things went from paranormal to sinister and possibly demonic.

She suffered horrific nightmares, terrifying images presented night after night depicting unspeakable atrocities. And then the hunting went from an external battle to an internal war that would require an exorcism. The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer, was one that did not end in one cleansing. The internal battle would continue for a time to come, and it would never permanently go away. On today’s episode of The Grave Talks, we hear Part One of the personal story of The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer.

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