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In this episode, I welcome back my personal mentor and renowned medium, Dominic Boag, for an insightful conversation about his experiences travelling and conducting demonstrations around the world. We discuss various aspects of mediumship, from the thrill of live demonstrations to the profound impact of private readings. Dominic and I also delve into the intricacies of mediumship and the importance of striking a balance between providing evidence and delivering meaningful messages. We discuss the role of the medium in healing the client, and Dominic emphasizes the significance of connecting with Spirit on a deeper level and allowing them to have a voice rather than solely focusing on facts. We also touch upon the upcoming workshop on Evidential Mediumship Simplified at Spirit School in Squamish, British Columbia, where we will be sharing our techniques and helping participants nurture their advancing mediumship abilities.


In this episode:

  • Everyone’s unique: Dominic highlights the individuality of each medium and the need to embrace and develop one’s own style.
  • Striving for realism: Dominic and Danielle stress the importance of being realistic and considering the quality of the information provided during mediumship readings.
  • Evaluating the information: Dominic discusses the different types of information mediums encounter, including generic, emotional, and practical details, and encourages assessing their significance.
  • Who are you working for?: The hosts explore the purpose of mediumship and the importance of understanding if the medium is trying to please themselves or genuinely help the client and Spirit.
  • Letting go of ego: Dominic shares his experience of putting his ego aside and focusing on the essence of mediumship, which is not a treasure hunt for facts but an opportunity to let Spirit have a voice.
  • What is enough?: The hosts invite mediums to reflect on what would be enough for them in a reading and how to not treat it as a fact-finding mission but rather a chance to touch the client’s soul.
  • The conversation matters: Dominic emphasizes the value of engaging in a meaningful conversation with Spirit, rather than bombarding the client with endless facts.
  • Evidential mediumship simplified: Dominic introduces his approach to evidential mediumship.
  • The power of simplicity: Dominic shares his techniques for simplifying mediumship, using foundations and processes to enhance the medium’s connection with Spirit.
  • Demonstrations: Dominic discusses the fulfillment and joy of connecting with a larger audience in demonstrations and how they can allow for a healing experience among all audience members.


Whether you’re new to mediumship or a seasoned practitioner, this conversation will inspire and enlighten you on your development journey. The upcoming workshop on Evidential Mediumship Simplified at Spirit School is an opportunity for participants to go deeper with some of the valuable techniques discussed here. 


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