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Welcome to a brand new series of episodes on the Bobcast, this time around we’re talking about all things paranormal and the occult in the “Paranormal Ponderings” series! Now, rather than talking all about the subjects at hand myself, I’ve gathered some of the finest people involved in the paranormal and occult world today to discuss these otherworldly matters. This first episode is all about paranormal investigating and features an interview with the force behind “Pretty F’n Spooky”, Amanda Paulson. Amanda is a paranormal investigator with no equal in my mind. Join us as we talk about her favorite equipment to take on an investigation, what criteria she uses to choose a location to investigate and she’ll even tell you about one of her first paranormal encounters! Good stuff. Also featured in this one is another installment of “Mysterious Musings With Ivy Boyd”, where Ivy tells of a couple of recent investigations she was a part of. Music! A cover of the “Ghostbusters” theme song by No Small Children and a brand new song by metal’s finest minstrels, Tetrarch.