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Welcome to the very first I Wanna Party With Bob Trivia Challenge of 2021! The subject of this terrifying trivia is the paranormal, haunted places and haunted/cursed objects, to be specific. Here’s a couple of examples – Where did the Dead Milkmen film part of the music video for “Punk Rock Girl”, that is also a very haunted former prison? What does the name of the popular slumber party distraction, Ouija, mean? There’s even a question about a fictional cursed or haunted doll from the OG Twilight Zone series! This one is not to be missed, mostly because of the cast of ghoulishly great paranormal professionals that have assembled to answer the questions. Let me introduce them! Amanda Paulson of the Pretty F’n Spooky Blog & YouTube Channel, Cherise Williams, the terrific tarot reading investigator and YouTube Channel host, Ivy and Hannah of The Ghoul’s Trip Blog and finally, Josh and Tamara of The Hexfiles Podcast. These good people are all amazing investigators, practitioners of witchcraft, crazy about cryptids and the finest folks you’ll find in a haunted house, or anywhere, really. The musical selections of the episode are “Haunted Town” by Nightbirds and a cover of best Misfits song written about me, “Attitude”.