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(Explicit) The Punk Rock and Paranormal podcast - ghost stories, band interviews, UFOs, cryptids, occult topics, haunted locations, and the investigators that seek out the strange and the unexplainable. Every episode will present paranormal topics with fearfully fitting musical accompaniment.

Episode 86 – Ghost Stories Volume III

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Gather ‘round the Yule Log, it’s time for some chilling tales of haunted horrors! Ghost Stories Volume III has arrived under the Bobcast tree, just in time for Xmas. Ivy Boyd of the Creepin’ It Real podcast and Ghoul’s Trip blog starts things off with some creepy Christmas ghost stories. Maria of Hollywood Exhumed tells a tale of a departed Uncle who likes to stop by unannounced, even after his passing. Darrin Pfieffer (formerly) of Goldfinger and (currently of) The Dangerous Darrin Show describes what a former girlfriend experienced at a haunted music venue in Buffalo, NY – which was also one of Al Capone’s former “haunts”. Ceasar stays one unforgettable night in the famously phantasmal Jerome Grand Hotel. CJ Frederick of Dead Bars fame tells a chillingly familiar story from the wilds of Jeresey City. And maybe CJ needs a visit from the Ghost Of Xmas Future, ya know, to straighten him out a little. Finally, Amanda of the Pretty F’n Spooky blog and YouTube channel, along with Cherise Williams, talk about their experiences with a VERY haunted doll named Betty. Yikes. The songs of the episode tie everything together, very fitting and very awesome – Parasites, Tsunami Bomb, Night Birds and Pulley help summon the spirits for this one, wherever they’re at. Brought to you by the fine folks of Discount Cemetery. Turn up the Christmas lights for this one, festive frights await!