Episode 85: Haunted Crossroads Around The World

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Episode 85: “Haunted Crossroads” is now live on all platforms – including YouTube! For the audio version of this podcast, we have eliminated the intro. If you’d like to listen to us unbox our fan mail and chat, head to youtube.com/c/letsgethaunted

This week, Aly tells Nat all about the supernatural role crossroads play in nearly all cultures around the globe. In Italy, you can use a crossroads to spot deceased loved ones walking in a ghostly procession. In the Highlands of Scotland, you can sit on a three-legged stool in a crossroads to figure out which of your neighbors will die during the next year. In the U.S., you can perform a ritual to conjure the devil himself at a crossroads. In London, the corpses of criminals and those who died by suicide were buried at crossroads, thereby preventing the souls of the deceased from leaving that area. From hellhounds to “money cats” to demons to poltergeists to “humpbacked mannikins”, all manner of supernatural creatures and spirits can be found at a crossroads.

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