Episode 83: Indrid Cold, “The Grinning Man” (featuring witness testimony)

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Welcome to Episode 83 of Let’s Get Haunted: “Indrid Cold: The Grinning Man”.

New Jersey in the late 1960s was a hotbed of paranormal activity and UFO sightings. 1966 in particular was a very active year, with many people from all over the state reporting unidentified objects in the sky and on the ground. But New Jersey was not the only state plagued by UFOs during this time. West Virginia famously became the site of Mothman between Nov. 15 to Dec. 15, 1966. But did you know that The Mothman wasn’t the only weird creature sighted during this timeframe? This week, Aly tells Nat all about Indrid Cold, the alleged alien entity who visited earth in 1966 and may still be here today. What was his purpose? Why was he here? We speak to the daughter of Woodrow Derenberger, the first person to interact in a meaningful way with Indrid on November 2, 1966. Tune in now to hear the full story and the interview!

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