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Episode 8: Lavender Town Syndrome (Basement Tapes)

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In the late 90s, a mysterious and macabre rumor about the revolutionary game called Pokemon spread like wildfire: Lavender Town Syndrome. 

During the first few days of the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan, back in February 27, 1996, a peak of mysterious deaths and illnesses appeared in children between the ages of 10-15.  In this Basement Tapes mini, Gracey takes us on a nostalgic trip to Lavender Town and provides some theories and truths to the dark lore surrounding the game. 


Some extras for you:

Lavender Town Music (Original Japanese Version from Pokemon Red and Green)

Lavender Town Syndrome (Original Story on Pastebin)

**We removed the Unown video because after decoding it we learned it contains hate speech which we absolutely do not tolerate. **

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