Episode 76 – Sweets To The Sweet (Candyman 1992/Mirror Summoning Rituals)

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Helen is writing a thesis on the nature of urban legends along with her friend. She gets wind of the urban legend of Candyman in her city, which is apparently an entity one can summon by saying his name five times in front of a mirror. As she goes more in depth with her investigation, Helen will find that the line between urban legend and reality is not as defined as she would have thought …

Join us as we discuss this great film from the early 90s! We talk about its more important scenes and also try to analyze possible symbolism in them, such as the meaning of the color pink and whether or not the movie is a guidebook on identifying red flags in toxic relationships.

For the second part of the movie, we have a conversation on the rules and background of some infamous mirror summoning games that people allegedly perform during birthdays and sleepovers, specifically, Baby Blue, Three Kings, and Bloody Mary.

** We had some technical difficulties with our microphones during the second half; our apologies 🙁 **

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