Let’s Get Haunted

Hosted ByAly Terry & Nat Strawn

(Explicit) Let's Get Haunted is an all-female, independent podcast produced, written, and edited completely by two best friends.

What began as a hobby with a mere 5,000 streams per month in 2019, has now turned into a loving community of misfits, hellbent on tackling the dark side of the world together, a million streams strong worldwide.

While the subject matter of Let's Get Haunted focuses around the paranormal, the "Haunted Fam" - as its community is called - channels its energy into creating positivity out of "haunted" (aka negative) situations.

Each episode centers around an intriguing mystery in history from around the world. Past episodes have featured a wide variety of guests and interviews with experts such as scientists, ex-CIA operatives, professors, comedians, and Company CEOs.

Before diving into the juicy topic at hand, co-hosts Aly and Nat kick off each episode with banter about their personal lives and things that matter to them that week, a segment coined "personal hauntings". Despite any misfortunes or frustrations the week has brought about, LGH seeks to find the humor in any situation and inspire a wider audience to get involved with issues that are important to them in their communities.

Above all, LGH seeks to remind the world that, though we're all a little bit haunted on the inside (we all have our trials and demons to overcome), that doesn't mean that we can't pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and soldier on.

Episode 72: The Grim Reaper

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It is said that when it comes our turns to die we must do it alone… but what if that’s not true? What if Death comforts you in your final moments on earth, patiently waiting to accompany your soul to the next chapter. Or, is Death more sinister?
In this episode Nat spooks Aly by researching the existence of the Grim Reaper as a real entity! Does the Grim Reaper claim lives, warn us of impending doom, or assist us to the great beyond? Featuring personal accounts from people who have had real encounters with entities described as “the personification of death” as well as photos and videos of Death itself, this episode is to DIE for.