Episode 63: The Bélmez Faces And Other Andalusian Ghost Stories

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This week, Aly brings you three short ghost stories from the Andalusian region of Spain.

From Sevilla comes the story of Sor Úrsula, the twisted nun who lives in the Andalusian parliament building. Known for dragging souls to Hell, many politicians have claimed to see her walking the halls and a security guard is even said to have died after he had the misfortune of running into her late at night.

From Málaga we hear the tale of the ghostly black carriage whose mysterious occupant abducts strangers late at night. If the stranger does not present an offering of a child’s blood, the man in the carriage rips the strangers away to be turned into elixirs and salves.

Finally, from the province of Jaén comes the infamous story of the Bélmez Faces. When María discovers a ghostly face forming in the concrete floor of her kitchen, her husband destroys it with an axe. Thinking their troubles are over, they are alarmed to find more faces rapidly forming throughout the house in the ensuing days. When headless skeletons are discovered beneath the house’s foundation, speculation throughout Spain runs wild. Is Marías house built over a portal to Hell? Is María capable of telekinesis? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax? Tune in now to find out!