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Seren is sent away from her home, on a mission to terraform a new planet. An eight part series following her journey across the stars, as she deals with the reasons that led to her departure.
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Episode 6 – Fix

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A fix must be found.

Seren is written and produced by Nerys Howell, who is also the voice of Seren and PEARL.

Captain Feli Mayr is played by Kathi Sindelar.

Engineer Sanna Bok is played by Karin Heimdahl.

Our theme music is Rumination by Kevin MacLeod from Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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Seren deals with the themes of isolation and loneliness. Specific content warnings for this episode include:

  • The episode opens with the sound of an alarm (0.14-1.16)
  • Risk to life (0.14-3.55)
  • Discussions about laws and controls set by an authoritative society (8.01-9.00)
  • Mentions, but not portrayals, of surgical procedures (4.44-4.51, 9.11-10.06)
  • Mention of brainwashing (8.23-8.30)
  • Mention of the threat of capital punishment (9.19-10.06)
  • Threats to reduce access to food (7.20-7.38, 12.27-12.37)

Sound effects used in this episode:

Science Fiction Desolate Ambience by PMSFX

BluezoneBC0250impactmetal01.wav and echo hit pan subsonic pro sound effect.wav from Sonniss

Digital Alarm Loop.wav by bbrocer

Sitting on bed.wav by hannahj40

Sci Fi Beep 04.wav

Static, Glitch, Distortion, Radio Interference, Noise, Blast, Transmission, Zap, Burst, Transition by Bottle Rocket FX

Chair: Sitting Down / Getting Up (Compilation) by Sheyvan

Footstep_Metal.wav by FallujahQc

metal door.wav by ninebilly

Science fiction, telemetry, computer, power down, power off, electronic, modulated, sci-fi by Lesser Vibes

Science fiction, telemetry, computer, power up, power on, electronic, modulated, sci-fi by Lesser Vibes

Science fiction, hydraulic door by PMSFX

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