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After surviving a terrible ordeal, Deena now has to deal with her GF Samantha, who was possessed by the power of the witch Sarah Fier. Deena goes to an alleged survivor of a similar event from a few years in the past, C. Berman. She tells Deena the story of the tragic day in which several people were murdered, including her sister …

Join us as we discuss the second part of the Fear Street trilogy! We really enjoyed this movie!

In our Critique Segment, we talk about how this installment is a tribute/throwback to one of the great slasher movie series of all time, Friday the 13th. We also speculate about what might happen in the last part of the trilogy.

For our Academic Segment, we discuss some of the history of the Fear Street book series by author RL Stine, and we also compare the lore of the books to what is being portrayed in the movies.

As a bonus, Chuy tells a chilling true story of how he survived a traumatizing near death event at a Summer Camp …

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