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Episode 49 – These Are Some Of My Favorite Songs (right now)

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I’m BURNT OUT! So. What to do? I’m going to take a little break with this episode and just play some of my favorite songs, currently, that is. These bands are so great it hurts. I will share this lovely pain with you. ALSO! A pretty much brand new and sort of unreleased Tiltwheel song. Here’s the track listing and times if you’re lame and want to skip ahead –

Liberty & Justice “Pricilla’s Kids” 5:00

Chilton “Solar Warden” 7:55

Grumpster “Lust” 11:23

Porcupine “I Watch You Float” 13:55

Sarchasm “Mind Over Matter” 17:02

Notches “Room Upstairs” 19:59

The Raging Nathans “Minor Details” 22:25

The Slow Death “Jeane” 25:12

The Globs “The Weird & Wonderful World Of The Globs” 27:41

War On Women “Capture The Flag” 30:56

Tiltwheel “Poison Heart” 34:28

Dead Broke Records, Rad Girlfriend Records and the bands with the songs – I salute and thank you for your service to my mental health.