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Lestat was a European nobleman that was turned into a vampire, and even though he enjoyed it for a while, he grew frustrated about not being able to have humans adore him as a superior being. As such, he went into a deep slumber, which he was awakened from after hearing the sounds of early 2000s Nu Metal, of all things. Now that he has become a worldwide rock icon, other vampires are out to get him because of all the attention he is giving to his kind. On top of that, a very ancient vampiress has also taken notice of Lestat, and she wants him too …

Join us as we talk about some behind the scenes stories from this movie in our Critique Segment! We talk about how the special effects haven’t aged too well for the HD crowd, record label contracts that affected the soundtrack, and the untimely death of Aaliyah, the actress that played the titular role.

In the audience favorite Academic Segment, we talk about the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, which may have been the earliest inspiration for vampire mythology (and for debauchery filled festivals too).

Finally, we talk about how effective Akasha, the Queen Of The Damned herself, was as the main villain during our Know Thine Enemy Segment.

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