Episode 41 – The Black Eyed Kids

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Tonight is going to be a fun but pretty intense evening. Let’s start off tonight with a scenario for you to imagine. You are settling in for the evening relaxing in the living room and there is a knock on the front door. You wonder who on earth is coming to visit at this time. The visitor knocks again and you swear that you hear children’s voices outside the door. You are concerned because you know that children should not be out at this time of night. You head to the door and open and see two kids standing there with hoods on somewhat blocking their faces. Something looks a little off about them and you are getting really bad feeling about them. You can’t really put your finger on it but you just know that something is not right about these two. I notice that the night feels colder than normal and the children ask if they can come inside to wait for their parents to pick them up. Yes Paraunity followers, we are discussing the black eyed kids and we are not alone… joining us tonight as special guest hosts on our crazy journey is none other than Xander and Stone from the amazing new podcast with the same name.

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