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Dalton is a young boy that, unbeknownst even to himself, has the hidden talent to send his spiritual self out of his body to another dimension while he sleeps. One night, he falls asleep and doesn’t wake up, making his parents desperate as doctors can’t seem to help them. What’s worse, other spirits in the dimension of The Further have honed in to Dalton’s vacant physical body and are eager to try and take it over …

We let you know what we think about this movie in our Critique Segment! For once, both of us seem to agree on our opinions 😛

For our world renowned Academic Segment, we discuss the differences and similarities between Astral Projection and Out Of Body Experiences.

Finally, we talk about the main villain out of the ensemble, a creature we call the Red Faced Demon, in our Know Thine Enemy Segment 🙂

We hope you enjoyed Season 3, which ends with this episode! We got more things coming for Season 4, so stay tuned for that!

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