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(Explicit) Welcome to the Marvels, Mysteries and Midlanders podcast! Join James, Adam and Lewis as they talk about anything mysterious, macabre, folklore and the just plain weird. Who is the Catman? What are Sky Trumpets? How do we fix Lewis’ memory skills? Take a seat, enjoy the banter and join the discussion!

Episode 36 – The Loveland Frogmen

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Well, Hot-Diggity-Dog, it's the Loveland Frogmen! That's right on this episode we're taking a special trip to the United States to delve into a good ol' cryptid tale. This one contains frog abs, human-animal hybrid children, existential questions and NO LEWIS! (He's on a scenic getaway in Italy) BUT FEAR NOT! As his spot will be filled by AN AMERICAN! More specifically Karly from the Haunted Housewives Podcast.

So take a seat, have a drink and prepare to get totally slimed. Ooh Baby.

*~ In memory of Alan Hawkins~*

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