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Monsters that confine their eerie appearances to singular geographic locales weave a tapestry of mystery. These enigmatic creatures become part of the very essence of their surroundings, their tales whispered among the locals. Their isolated presence adds a layer of intrigue, inviting us to ponder the unique forces that shape their existence within a specific corner of the world.

Welcome to Paranormal Patio, the podcast that brings you one step closer to the paranormal and occult one patio at a time. Joining us on this paranormal journey are our intrepid guides, Jason and Kody. Pull up a chair.

In this episode, we’re embarking on a spine-tingling expedition into the world of two “one-off monsters” that defy the boundaries of reality while completely respecting their own.

First on our eerie journey is “The Enfield Horror,” a creature that terrorized the small town of Enfield, Illinois, in the spring of 1973. This curious beast stood on three legs, had grayish-green skin, and was reported to possess eyes as big as flashlights, each glowing like embers from the abyss. Its appearance left a trail of dread and bewilderment among witnesses, as they grappled with the notion that such a monstrous entity could exist.

Our second enigma, “Iemisch,” hails from the remote reaches of Patagonia, a land steeped in folklore and mystery. Described as a cross between a giant otter, and a ground sloth, with large fangs, Iemich has been a figure of fascination and fear for generations.

So, fellow explorers of the unexplained, prepare yourselves for a journey that will test the limits of your imagination. Join us as we delve deeper into these extraordinary tales, illuminating the strange and wondrous corners of our mysterious world.



Music by: Karl Casey @Whitebataudio