Episode 26: Egypt, Alchemy, and ET’s with Jonny Enoch

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(Discussion begins at 30:15) Dan and Scarlet open the episode with an astrology and tarot forecast for the week of June 17, 2019, to June 23, 2019, followed by an interview with lecturer, researcher, and esoteric expert Jonny Enoch.  We talk with Jonny all about his early life, his thoughts on spirituality, and much of his knowledge related to ancient cultures, ancient technologies, the properties of a specific type of gold used by ancient Egyptians, as well as flood myths, alien and ET phenomena, and his views on where we’re heading in the future.  This is a great interview you wont want to miss!  Check out Jonny’s links below: Website: https://metaphysicalsource.com/ Instagram: @esotericjonny Twitter: @jonnyenoch