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You are in for a treat!   For this episode of Necronomicast, it is my pleasure to welcome to the program the entire cast of the brand new paranormal television program “Living For The Dead”!

“Living for the Dead” features the combined talents of Alex LeMay, Logan Taylor, Roz Hernandez, JuJu Bae, and Ken Boggle in the first paranormal television program in history with an entire LGBTQ+ cast.  

First, I will have an in depth conversation with tarot card reader Ken Boggle.  Followed by a lively press junket style free for all with the entire cast!  Emmy Award winning executive producer Rob Eric also joins us for this conversation. 

This groundbreaking show debuts this Wednesday, October 18th on HULU and is executive produced by Kristen Stewart.  We are going to the tea house to get the tea, honey tea, on this episode of NECRONOMICAST!

Ken Boggle official website

“Living For The Dead” official