Episode 2: Hysteria, Accusations, and Executions

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Mass hysteria can be a terrifying and bewildering phenomenon, capable of spreading like wildfire through a community. When fear and uncertainty take hold, rationality often gives way to irrational beliefs and behaviors. In the grip of mass hysteria, even the most improbable claims can gain unwavering acceptance, leaving a lasting mark on those affected.

Welcome to Paranormal Patio, the podcast that brings you one step closer to the paranormal and occult one patio at a time. Joining us on this paranormal journey are our intrepid guides, Jason and Keith. Pull up a chair.

In this episode, we’re delving deep into the haunting stories of two women who found themselves entangled in the web of accusations, witchcraft, and the supernatural.

Our first enigmatic figure, Elizabeth Betsy Reed, was a woman whose life was forever altered by the sinister whispers of her neighbors. Accused of being a witch and accused of the unthinkable – poisoning her own husband – her story is a chilling reminder of the hysteria that once gripped communities, turning neighbor against neighbor.

Our special guest interview features “The Wild Creek Witch” Logan Canafax!

Then, prepare to step back in time to the 17th century and into the heart of another dark tale. We’ll unravel the eerie story of the Witch of Ridley Creek, Margaret Mattson. Accused of bewitching farm animals and uttering strange incantations while cooking meat in a great cauldron, her presence cast a long shadow of fear over the community.

Join us as we venture into the fog-shrouded past, where accusations of witchcraft could mean life or death, and where the line between fact and folklore blurs. These tales are just a glimpse into our haunting history.

So, gather ’round, listeners, and brace yourselves for a journey into the darkest corners of the human psyche. For in the realm of the paranormal, the whispers in the shadows may reveal more than we can ever imagine.



Music by Karl Casey @Whitebataudio