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Have you ever wondered what gave birth to the stories we tell around the campfire? What happened in our history that caused spooky tales of creatures such as werewolves and ladies in white to be passed down from generation to generation? And more importantly, why are we still so fascinated with the macabre? Join me as I jump down the rabbit hole of a new subject each week and attempt to stitch together the history of all things strange and spooky.

Episode 19 | Hags

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*Please note that this episode lightly mentions child cannibalism and may not be suitable for children 13 and under.

Did you know that being called a Hag was at one point in history a compliment? Join me in my deep dive into the history of the hag, which in essence, is the history of women and the ancient Gods themselves. From Cailleach to Baba Yaga, what is it about these women that defies stereotype?

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