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In this episode, Zoe tells us about the Spring-Heeled Jack, the macabre monster that terrified people in the early Victorian era with his frightening appearances, devil’s horns and goatee, (facial hair is always scary – ask Mike!) and his ability to leap 10 feet in the air!

We also chat about Queen Victoria; The world high jump record; Candy cigarettes; And how to fall into a cravat!

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Here’s a rundown of the episode:

00:37 – Hello!

00:59 – Presented piece: Spring- Heeled Jack

08:38 – Promo: Prairieland Paranormal

10:12 – Clammy hands

13:33 – Spring-Heeled Jack: Parkour Pervert?

15:56 – Jackie Chan

17:39 – Fire Breathing as a Distraction

19:13 – Insomnia

21:35 – Queen Victoria

22:49 – Shoutouts and Thank You’s

26:25 – Fun fact time!

27:05 – Where You Can Find Us (links below!)

28:55 – Homeschooling vs. Emergency Education

31:42 – We’ve Come To The End

Total Runtime: 32:37


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