Hosted ByBrian J. Corey

Necronomicast covers the horror movies of Hollywood and the true events that inspire what we see in the darkened theater. With my late night conversations, I uncover the world of horror movies, the paranormal, (Explicit) cryptozoology, true crime, and beyond with filmmakers, actors, authors, and experts in the field.

The Necronomicast was launched in 2011 and is proudly produced in the haunted heartland of Omaha, Nebraska.

Episode 171 – Zombieland 2! Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!!!

Welcome to the conclusion of our October 2019 “Spooktacular”!   On this episode, the Necronomicast crew reviews and chats about the new film “Zombieland 2”.     You’ll also get an unnecessary history lesson about Omaha along with a very necessary tribute to the late, great friend of the show, Sig Haig.  We hope you all have enjoyed our October shows as we programmed something for everyone with our blast of episodes.  So….nut up and shut up as we take a trip to Zombieland on THE NECRONOMICAST!