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On February 25, 1987 a book was published that would change the literary and paranormal world forever. Written by a little-known science-fiction author named Whitley Strieber, this book, simply called Communion, told the supposedly true story of Strieber’s encounters with what he called ‘the Visitors’ – after he was abducted by them from his cabin in upstate New York. Strieber never claims to know the origins of the Visitors, possibly they are aliens, perhaps time travelers, or maybe they are from another dimension. The book was a surprising success and was even adapted into a film. While many believe Strieber’s story, many people consider Striber to be a compulsive liar and subsequent sequels to Communion were even released by his publisher as fiction. On this episode of The Extramundane, Whitley Strieber comes on the show to set the story straight once and for all. 

A quick content warning for this episode, Max confronts Whitley about how he famously claimed to have been present at the tragedy on the University of Texas campus in 1966 only for that story to have been uncovered as a fallacy. However, if you do not wish to hear this content, I recommend you skip from the 21 minute mark to the 24 minute mark.

Whitley Strieber – Clint Sowell
Max Ward – Dan Kozuh
Voiceover Guy – Erin Kahoa
Producer: Andrew Alonso, Champlify Media
Music: M.NOMIZED – The Model