Episode 119: The Battle of Los Angeles

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Shortly after 2am on February 25, 1942, air raid sirens pierced the skies of Los Angeles, California and frightened citizens braced for an attack by the Japanese. Bombs exploded around the city, shrapnel careened through houses and garages, and there were even reports of Japanese paratroopers descending over downtown along with an airplane crashing at a popular intersection in Hollywood. By daylight, however, citizens were shocked to walk out of their homes to find nothing: no Japanese ships lay off the coast, no downed enemy aircraft were found, and no enemy bomb damage was reported. Those who lived through the ordeal are adamant — they KNOW what they saw: an alien space craft hovering in the sky, unaffected by American anti-aircraft shells. As usual, the government denies that the whole kerfuffle was caused by anything more than a misplaced weather balloon *yawn*. Join us as we sift through as many primary sources as possible in an effort to unearth the truth behind The Battle of Los Angeles.


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