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Welcome to the third and final (for now?) episode in the UFO Stories series! This one has five stories of UFO sightings, told by the witnesses themselves. Sarah Snallygaster, Miski Dee Rodriguez, Jessica Komassa, Davey Tilt and Mike Damante have popped in from the Ultraverse to tell their tales of strange lights and objects in the sky. Mike Damante is the author of the “Punk Rock and UFOs” series of books, so we’ll spend a little more time with him to talk more indepth all about UFOs, the recent Pentagon UAP report, Mike’s history with the paranormal and more! Carolyn Mauricette will fly by with another installment of The Celluloid Catacombs, this time talking about the parasitic alien thriller “The Puppet Masters”. The “Out Of This World” melodies in this episode are provided by The Ejected, Striker and Get Married and guess what? ALL THE SONGS ARE ABOUT ALIENS OR UFOS. Well, the Get Married song is a cover of The Misfits song “Astrozombies, so that counts, right? This whole Interstellar Episode is brought to you by Ethletic Shoes, the finest vegan, fair trade and sustainably sourced shoes in the land. Pop on that tin foil helmet and give this one a listen!