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Cady is a young girl who suffered the loss of her parents in a car accident. She was sent to live with her aunt Gemma, who is a very successful and independent woman. Even so, Gemma was completely unprepared to take care of her young niece. Between her new role as a guardian, the deadlines at work, her nosy neighbor with a hellhound for a pet, and the judgmental social worker assigned to oversee her interactions with Cady, things get unusually complicated for her. Gemma decides to complete the prototype of a new toy/robot so that Cady can have someone to play with, learn from, and to take care of her while she works. However, the situation takes a dark turn when M3GAN, the robot companion, starts to learn at an accelerated rate, and pretty soon, she starts to make her own decisions …

Join us as we talk about this very entertaining film! Besides talking about the plot, we also draw parallels to some of the concepts and elements presented or alluded to in the film, such as Attachment Theory, Assimov’s Laws Of Robotics, the Uncanny Valley, and more! As a bonus, we share some brief creepy stories about our past experiences with rogue AI and dolls!

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