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Tetrarch is a band that is getting quite a bit of attention lately, and rightly so. They have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are today. Touring, putting out music, sleeping in Walmart parking lots. Whatever it takes to get their amazing music out there, this band has done it. This episode of The Bobcast features an interview with Josh Fore, the singer and guitarist of Tetrarch and we talked about some rad stuff. SPOILERS AHEAD! How Josh and Diamond Rowe met – hint – she almost killed him. Which Green Day record is best to listen to all the way through – it’s American Idiot. How the band got it’s name and more! You also get to hear one of the songs off of Tetrarch’s brand new record, “Unstable” and that song is “Negative Noise”. A thrash-terpiece of amazing metal mayhem. Included with the price of admission is a brand new Crusty’s Corner, where our pal Michael Crusty spends some time talking to Daniel Dekay about their favorite Judas Priest record. Brought to you by Sticker Junkie. Josh was SUPER rad to talk to, Tetracrh is a SUPER rad band, get RAD and listen to this one ASAP.