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Penny was born in Essex in the UK, but spent most of her childhood living in the boonies of Norfolk. She soon
developed an interest in all things historical, and especially things aviation-related.
After moving back to Essex in her early 20’s, she laid some roots and started exploring everything around her. 
It wasn’t until her late 30’s that she realised that history and the paranormal worked quite well together and that she enjoyed linking the two.
in 2017 her podcast, Haunted Histories, was born courtesy of Parasearch Radio, and has gone from strength to strength with guests, including the who’s who of the world of the paranormal.
Then she started writing. Her first book was realised in March 2019, and her second followed ten months later. 
In 2021 she was given the chance to appear as a historian in Help! My House is Haunted , and is now a regular on the show.