Ep 52 – The UFO Abduction Experience and Human / Alien Consciousness with Philip Kinsella

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ITS OUR BIRTHDAY! Pursuit of the Paranormal is ONE YEAR OLD! Thank you to everybody that has taken the time to listen to any of our episodes, left us rating/reviews, engaged on social media, sent us messages and just being a part of this journey, YOU MAKE THIS ALL WORTH IT!

For our birthday episode we speak with the psychic medium and experiencer Philip Kinsella, who is also an author and speaks at many UFO and paranormal related conferences around the world. We hear about his and his twin brother Ronald’s experiences starting from when they were younger, and also dive into Philip’s theories around human consciousness and what “they” may want with us.

Find his latest book ‘You: The Public Deceived’ from Flying Disk Press on Amazon

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