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April 12, 1981. Keddie, California.
Sue Sharp, her teenage son John, and his friend Dana Wingate are found brutally murdered in the Sharp family’s cabin at Keddie Resort in the Sierra Nevada. 12-year-old Tina Sharp is missing. And, shockingly, the youngest children – Rick Sharp, Greg Sharp, and Justin Smartt – are found alive, sleeping peacefully in the room next door. 
Who killed Sue, John, and Dana? Why was there so much violence on the scene? Where was Tina? And why were the young boys left alive?
Carrie takes us through all the known parts of the story, from when the Sharps moved to Keddie to the horrifying massacre in Cabin 28, and then brings us to the theories around who may have committed this atrocious crime. 
As of February 2021, the Keddie Cabin Murders case is still officially unsolved. 
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