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In this episode we talk all things paranormal with some of the members of Windrush Valley Paranormal, an Oxfordshire based paranormal group that one of our hosts, Greg belongs to. We delve into some of the creepy paranormal experiences they have had, discuss what spirits may be and we also get to hear about some exciting new equipment that Chris has been working on, ready to be used as we come out of lockdown.
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In this episode, we also share details of another paranormal podcast, The Spirit Level Podcast. Mel is a psychic medium, who lives in Sheffield, England and started her website www.thespiritlevel.co.uk during the UK Covid lockdown to spread a little bit of positivity. This grew into a podcast and online crystal & candle store. Her podcast goes out each Sunday at 5pm, and looks at all aspects metaphysical, wellbeing, mindfulness, crystals, tarot, the spooky and paranormal.
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Website – www.thespiritlevel.co.uk
Facebook – on Facebook Groups search for The Spirit Level
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Twitter – thespiritlevel.co.uk (@thespiritlevelU)

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