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Remember the comfort a childhood stuffed toy brought? Carrying it around everywhere, taking care of it, cuddling it like your own baby? Something about dolls has brought parental instincts out of children since ancient times. But what happens when that relationship goes wrong? What happens when that DOLL goes wrong?
In this episode we’re exploring 3 stories of haunted dolls: Annabelle, the famous possessed Raggedy Ann doll with her own Warrens-adjacent horror movie franchise; Robert, the creepy German jester dummy that became the singular infatuation of one Key West painter and the inspiration for Chucky in the ‘Child’s Play’ films; and the Isla de las Muñecas, a Mexican island FULL of purportedly haunted dolls…and the lingering spirit of the man whose lifetime obsession with a young girl’s death created the island itself. 
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