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The Domsten Blobs, AKA the Jelly Bags, has become one of the most celebrated UFO alien sighting & attempted abduction both in and outside of Sweden. On December 20, 1958, 2 friends, 30-year old Stig Rydeberg, & 24-year old Hans Gustafsson were driving on an empty road after partying in town with their girlfriends when they came upon some heavy fog. They slowed to a crawl, but around 3 AM they decided to pull over in order to relieve their bladders & stretch their legs. They noticed an odd glow that was coming from the trees about 150 feet away and decided to investigate the glow. They discovered a wide, radiant discoid object that was supported on what looked like a tripod. Suddenly, they were surrounded by weird creatures that were moving in & out of their shape, like a wave. They were small, gray & around 4 feet tall & 1 ½ feet wide. They lacked extremities & were shaped like “loaves” but moved quickly. They also were levitating above the ground & both boys could smell ether & burnt sausages, which they found very unpleasant.

These creatures surged onto & into them & their arms & legs became engulfed in the creature’s bodies. With a “suction-like force” these blobs began to pull them toward the saucer & both of them lashed out at the entities trying to free themselves. Stig eventually managed to free himself & ran for their car where he began to slam his fist into the car horn in hopes someone would hear it. Immediately the creatures stopped their attack & ran for their saucer where both boys watched the UFO fly away quickly. They didn’t say anything for three days out of fear but eventually couldn’t keep it to themselves any longer. After an 11 hour long interview, the police concluded that it wasn’t a hoax.
What did these men encounter that night? Join us on episode 171 to hear more about this almost alien abduction by the Domsten Blobs!

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