Ep. 164: Hannibal, Pt. 3 – With Their Heads Buried in the Ground

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The raison d’etre for our whole series on Hannibal and the Punic Wars is here this week, and that’s very bad news for 50,000 Roman soldiers.

After being beaten and humiliated by Hannibal for two years straight, the Romans came out swinging in 216 BC with the largest army the Republic had ever raised. Nearly 100,000 men chased the Carthaginian army to the small town of Cannae, which would become the site of the greatest military disaster in Rome’s history – and one of those times and places in history Sean would least like to visit.

The Romans would eventually win the Second Punic War, and a few decades later would wipe Carthage off the map. But the most impressive thing they did in the whole conflict was to keep fighting after the crushing defeat at Cannae, Hannibal’s most impressive victory.


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