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On Christmas Eve, 1945, a mysterious fire burned the home of George and Jennie Sodder to the ground. George, Jennie, and four of their children escaped the blaze. The five remaining Sodder children, aged 5 to 14, were not so lucky. However, no remains – of any of the five Sodder children who were lost that night – were ever found.

As the years went on, it became clear there was a conspiracy of silence surrounding the Sodder case in their town of Fayetteville, West Virginia. Had George Sodder pissed off the wrong people with his anti-Mussolini rhetoric during WW2, making his Italian immigrant family a target for nefarious players…and perhaps even the Sicilian Mafia?

Did the five “lost” Sodder children even die in the fire at all, or – as the Sodder parents believed until their deaths – were they actually kidnapped, the fire being a mere “smokescreen” to hide the truth?

Carrie takes us through this bizarre, twisty-turny case, and tries to find some answers in the abyss of time and obfuscation.


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