Ep. 154: The Assassination of President James Garfield, Pt. 1

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James Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881, just a few months into his tenure as 20th President of the United States. The man who shot him, Charles Guiteau, was a lifelong loser who had previously tried his hand at (manic) street preaching, lawyering and insurance sales – and who had made James Garfield a sworn enemy without the President ever giving him a second thought.

In this first of a two-part series, we learn about the lift and times of the incredibly annoying Mr Guiteau, and introduce James Garfield before we cover his untimely and tragic death next week. 

Who is Charles Guiteau? Why did he shoot the President? And why could no one stand to be around this guy? All will be answered in this two part series!


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