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John and Stacey are back with a ton of news and some interesting lists. Get ready to go off the rails with this one. News stories include discoveries, updates, a ghost ship, conspiracies, and more! Don’t miss it.


List: 18 Bizarre and Unique Places You Should Visit 16:52

List: Strange City Names 43:48


Interview with Zak Bagans on Mental Floss 50:25

Mummy Found with a Golden Tongue 1:10:09

More Treasures Found at Saqqara 1:15:33

10,000 year old jewelry found in NC 1:19:30

Metal Detectorist Finds Possible Crown Jewel 1:25:25

Space X Announces First Mission with All Civilian Crew 1:30:27

Navy “UFO Patent” Documents 1:43:39

Update to Earth Speeding Up 2:01:41

Update to Animal Mutilations in Chile 2:15:33

Mysterious ‘Explosion’ in Borneo 2:20:10

100th Anniversary of ‘Ghost Ship” off Outer Banks 2:24:13

Nazca Lines Mystery Unveiled 2:35:27

Sulpher Dioxide – Not Phosphine – Likely in Venus Atmosphere 2:37:57

Dyatlov Pass Avalanche Theory New Information 2:43:53

Woman Spots Her ‘Dead’ Mother is STILL ALIVE Just Seconds Before Cremation 2:46:58

Historic Trumbull CT House For Sale Complete With ‘Good Ghosts’ 2:50:11

Mystery of  Why Wombats Have Cube Shaped Poo is Finally Solved 2:53:39