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John and Stacey are back with more amazing news stories from the past week! Stories include some UFO sightings, mysterious black helicopters, cryptid news, ghost stories, and a possible Bigfoot hunting season! 

Recent mysterious booms 38:33

UFO Sighting in Hawaii 50:43 and the Outer Banks 52:26

Black Helicopters Over LA 54:14

Why Some People ‘Hear’ the Dead 59:10

Dino Remains on the Moon 1:07:00

Loch Ness Monster is an Ancient Sea Turtle 1:11:42

OK Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Create “Bigfoot Hunting Season” 1:14:28

Washington State Begins Human Composting 1:19:06

House for Sale with Former Owner Buried in Yard 1:31:59

Microsoft Wants to Resurrect You As A Chatbot 1:33:48

First Ever Preserved Dinosaur Butthole 1:36:05

Celebrity UFO/Ghost Stories 1:42:28

Woman Wins Lottery With Numbers From A Dream 1:50:24

Oddities & Curiosities Expo 1:54:33