Ep 107 – Peter Robbins – A conversation with a UFO expert covering decades of research

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In this epsiode we talk to best selling author and UFO expert, Peter Robbins.

Peter Robbins is an investigative writer, author and lecturer best known for his UFO related papers, columns, articles, commentaries and talks. Both here and abroad. He is a regular fixture on blogcasts and radio and has appeared as a guest on and consultant to numerous television programs.
Among the venues he has spoken at are The National Press Club in Washington, D.C.; Manhattan’s Julliard School and the School of Visual Arts; Boston’s Cambridge Hospital, this at the invitation of Dr. John Mack, co-founder of the hospital’s Psychiatric Wing; Cornell University; the University of Arkansas; the Fund For UFO Research; FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) The Royal College of Science and Technology, London; University of Cardiff, Wales; University of Hallam, Sheffield; University of Leeds, Yorkshire; The Summerhill School in Suffolk; conferences of the UFO Research Association (BUFORA) as well as other venues across the United Kingdom.a fifteen-city speaking tour of the UK.

Peter was Editorial Assistant on a United Nations Secretary General’s requested report “for the establishment of a UN-UFO Department, and Editorial Assistant for a requested paper for The House of Lords Debate on UFOs. He was a founding member of Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation and served as Executive Assistant to Mr. Hopkins. He was Event Coordinator for the SCI FI Channel’s ‘Alien Abduction Phenomenon: A Symposium, organized to promote the release of the Steven Spielberg miniseries ‘Taken, and has written for Open Minds magazine, FATE, Phenomena, UFO Data Magazine, UFO Matrix, UFO Magazine (both the UK & US publications), Open Minds Magazine, the OUR-J Journal of UFO Studies in Japan, and many other publications.

Robbins has been an advisor and consultant to the McMinnville Oregon UFO Festival and Conference, the Experiencers Speak Conference in Portland Maine, and from 2007 until 2010 served as conference coordinator and advisor to the City of Roswell New Mexico. He is co-founder of the Exeter New Hampshire UFO Conference, and Travis Walton’s Skyfire UFO Conference. In 2012 Robbins was made a member of the French Académie d’Ufologie and invited to give testimony at the Citizen’s Hearings on Disclosure at the National Press Club. Peter is an associate producer of the award-winning documentary “TRAVIS: The True Story of Travis Walton” and most recently, the producer/writer of the documentary, “The Extraordinary Life and Suspicious Death of James Forrestal.”

Listen to our fascinating conversation with someone who has been in the scene for decades.