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On episode 64 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan and Shannon LeGro of INTO THE FRAY, speak with the “Real Life Mulder and Scully”, Dana and Greg Newkirk. Originally broadcast on INTO THE FRAY, this interview reintroduces listeners to the incredible work by the dynamic paranormal couple and their many adventures investigating the unknown.

What happens when you own the world’s only traveling paranormal and occult museum? And even stranger, what happens when the items are all in your home and constantly try to communicate with you? From a pitch-black mirror where witnesses claim to have seen pure evil, to a small statue with nails in its eyes and noose around its neck that moves on its own and causes poltergeist-like activity in their home on a consistent basis. These are just a few of the objects that Greg and Dana own. And this is only a sliver of the experiences they’ve had. So join Shannon and Ryan on their journey with the professional weirdos as they engage the strange like never before!

Guest Bios:

Greg Newkirk is a paranormal investigator, travel writer, and real-life monster hunter. In other words, he’s a professional weirdo. As if Greg’s eerie adventures and odd experiments weren’t enough to qualify him as one today’s foremost authorities on the subject of the unexplained, he’s also the director of the world’s only Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, a roving display filled with terrifying relics from real hauntings, occult crimes, and startling evidence collected during his nearly twenty years of anomalous research. In addition to researching, investigating, and writing about the anomalous, Greg has appeared on numerous hit television series including Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown, and Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, has served as a paranormal consultant on projects that have aired on A&E, Destination America, and the Discovery Channel, and is a regular guest on highly-rated radio programs like Coast to Coast AM. He enjoys collecting vintage paranormal ephemera, a strong cup of coffee, and driving long stretches of dirt road. He once scored 19 out of 25 correct choices in a Zener card test. He doesn’t like it when people yell at ghosts.

Dana Matthews is a supernatural sleuth, occult museum curator, and magic practitioner, and she’s been actively investigating the strange and the anomalous for well over 15 years. Founder of the world’s first all-female paranormal investigation team, Dana formally began her adventures into the world of the unexplained in the late 90’s, though she chalks her interest in the subject of the strange to way too many episodes of The X-Files as a kid. With nearly two decades of research into everything from residual hauntings, to Bigfoot hotspots, to bizarre Fortean events, Dana is one of the paranormal field’s most seasoned veterans when it comes to investigating and documenting strange claims. Dana’s paranormal expertise has been featured in appearances on hit television series like TLC’s Paranormal LockdownKindred Spirits, and Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, and if you’re Canadian, you might even recognize Dana as the lead investigator on SPACE’s internationally syndicated series The Girly GhosthuntersPremiering in 2004, The Girly Ghosthunters stands as one the first North American ghost hunting series to feature a real paranormal investigation team each week, launching alongside SyFy’s Ghost…

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