E214 Teal Swan Pt. 1 – Take 1 Big ‘O’ And Call Me In The Morning

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We’re continuing Stephanie’s deep dive of topics, and this one is all about the “Spiritual Leader” Teal Swan.
Just to recap: we went from Recovered Memory Therapy, to Satanic Panic, to false allegations, and now we’re ending with a current cult leader!
**Content warning for: suicide, abuse, and self harm**
Teal Swan gained notoriety through her popular self-help YouTube videos and courses that taught a method called “The Completion Method”. But what she is most known for is her method of dealing with suicidal ideologies. This episode is about her rise to fame, what her teachings are, and how they can turn problematic. And…while it’s not an MLM – you can’t convince us it’s not a cult.
If it looks like a cult, walks like a cult, and quacks like a cult — it’s a cult.

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