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Stephanie is kicking us off with the beginning of a multi-part series! And this first installment is laying the ground work for a big 2-part story. False Memory and Recovered Memory Therapy is where we start, then a book is released called “Michelle Remembers”, and we quickly begin the descent into moral panic. Or, as is more widely known, Satanic Panic. Tune in to hear how these points all connect, and keep listening each week as this story unravels.
Sarah wraps up with the ghost (or poltergeist) tale of the Stratford Knockings. In 1850 Stratford Connecticut, a family was plagued for 7 months by an entity that liked to: knock on walls, scream, move things, levitate the children, and create dummies out of the families clothes that would appear when no one was around. And that’s just the tip of the activity-iceburg!!