E205 You Know What’s Great About A Human Centipede? – Pt. 1 of John R. Brinkley

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You never have to worry about where your next meal is coming from!
*you’re welcome for the joke*
We’re starting a 2-part, Solo-Sarah story this week and it’s all about the wild and crazy guy that was: John R. Brinkley.
Widely known as Dr. John Brinkley – he was in fact, no Doctor at all. But he didn’t let “invalid credentials” and a diploma from a diploma-mill stop him. John Brinkley’s number one claim to fame came when he had the bright idea to implant goat testicles into the testicles of men to increase virility.
And boy, did men LOVE this idea. Throughout the span of his life, John Brinkley performed his Goat Gland Transplant on thousands of patients (and not all were men *spoiler*).
BUT – the Goat Gland Transplant Doctor is not his ONLY claim to fame…that’s just the testicle that got the ball rolling on what would be a bumpy (and ultimately downhill) road.

Tune in next week to hear how John Brinkley takes his Goat Gland Advertisements to the next level and how that would inevitably lead him into local politics (because, of course it would).