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HAPPY THANKSGIVING for those in the states that celebrate – for everyone else: HAPPY THURSDAY!
Over the next 2 weeks Sarah will dive into an event that is a black stain on America’s (recent) history – The Waco Siege (Massacre)

In Feb. 1993 the ATF pulled up to the Mt. Carmel compound in Waco, TX to conduct what should be a routine search and arrest warrant. Due to the ATF’s actions this routine task turned into a 51-day standoff that resulted in the deaths of 76 men, women, and children at the hands of the US Govt.
Part 1 will give you the history of Mt. Carmel, the Branch Davidians, and Mr. David Koresh himself; leading up to the initial raid.
Part 2 will be the timeline of the 51 day standoff and the actions and events that lead to so many American citizens losing their lives at the hands of their own government.

This series is {not} sponsored by Dr. Pepper