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OOOOOhhhh we got some spirits in here this week!!! Maybe it’s because we’re getting closer to the spooky season (and GUESTOBERFEST) but we both have spirit storiez!
Sarah starts us out with our favorite kind of ghost story: a listener ghost story!!! This one comes from the lovely Kyle (who also left us a 5-star review recently, so we appreciate you Kyle!). Kyle’s dad lived in a house with roommates when he was younger…but some of those roommates weren’t welcome. Mainly because they didn’t pay rent, had loud parties in the pool and didn’t invite the rest of the house, and…they were dead.
Stephanie wraps up the episode by spilling all the T about Spirit Photography, and the DRAMA surrounding it. And, you know we LOVE the drama. Especially when it includes people like: PT Barnum, Harry Houdini, & Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle (yes…this story includes ALL 3 of them – and more!)
Sit back, relax, and grab some spirits for this episode ya’ll.