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We’re in a weird mood this episode – so get ready! (Stephanie’s fresh off a vacation and fresh on a new round of sinus infection, and Sarah is just ‘yes-anding’ her way through this. Either way, if this was your first episode…..please stop, and go back to the beginning).
On to the storiez –lett’ssss ghooo-st: cause Sarah’s gotta ghost story!! It’s the tale of the Big Bay Lighthouse in Michigan. Now a fully functioning B&B, this historic lighthouse has seen some dark days (and now sees some ghosts)!
Stephanie’s story deals with sexual abuse to children. But, this is the type of story that we want to give a platform to: in New Hanover County, North Carolina there is an ongoing investigation and open lawsuit against former teacher, Michael Kelly. But he’s not the only abuser in the New Hanover County school district. And having just one abuser in a school district is one too many. We want to inform people of what happened, and encourage anyone who has been affected by Michael Kelly, or any teacher in the New Hanover District to please tell your story. You can access the link Stephanie mentions in the episode below. We support any victims of abuse, and we believe you.

LINK: https://www.nhcssexualabuselawsuit.com/