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It’s a Bear! It’s a Man! … wait, it’s a MAN??? Let’s jump into it this week with Sarah’s story that’ll make you go “huh?”. In the late 1780’s an Irishman met a performing bear while traveling around France. Except this bear was more than meets the eye…… cause it was a man (if you couldn’t guess from the title). A man had been sewn into a bear suit and forced to perform all over France. Classic story to make you go “huh”
Wrapping up: Stephanie takes us down a darker path with the true crime murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett. DISCLAIMER – the crime in this story is quite rough. Buckle up and be prepared. A dog-breeder and soon-to-be-mom thought she had met a good friend via a chatroom. That “friend” turned out to be anything but. Like I said, buckle up, because this roller coaster of a story doesn’t stop until the very end.